Monday, September 24, 2012

Quick Update on Dad

Dad has finished four treatments out of six in order to shrink his tumor.  Just thought I would let everyone know keeping up with the blog that he is doing well.  He has minimal side effects and has gotten good reports at the doctors on the last couple of visits.  I'm so happy that he is getting through the treatment and still able to do things he likes to do.

He will have a scan after he finishes the treatments which will most likely be late October/ early November.  Then, Dad will have to face another surgery.  I just realized today that the date of the concert benefit will mark the one year anniversary since Dad had his first surgery.  At that time, we didn't expect to be where we are now, but I'm thankful for everything that has happened and that we have the opportunity for surgery again.  

Everyone has been so supportive, and it has been a tremendous help.  We still have some hurdles to jump over but things are looking up!  Thanks and love to everyone, from the bottom of my heart!

Hope to see everyone Oct. 6th!

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