Thursday, March 14, 2013

Surgery on March 19th

Dad will have surgery to remove his recurrent tumors on Tuesday, March 19th.  After his pre-op visit yesterday, it turns out that his surgery will be a complicated one.  The tumors have shrunk significantly, so that is great news.  The chemotherapy did its job well.

It turns out that the tumors are located very close to the pancreas.  They are outside of his colon now.  This means that in order to give Dad the best chance for a cure, the surgeon may have to do a distal pancreatectomy and splenectomy (removing the tail of the pancreas and the spleen), along with a resection of the tumors and then if all of that goes well, a colostomy reversal.

I am hoping that things will go smoothly and that there will be no major complications.  His recovery is going to take about six weeks.

I will be sure to keep everyone updated on how Dad is doing after the surgery.

Thanks to all for the love and support!

-Mary Beth

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