Thursday, July 19, 2012

Results still not known...

We were supposed to see the surgical oncologist today to get the results from all Dad's recent tests.  The appointment was cancelled, and we were told to see the regular oncologist next week, and that the surgeon would be calling us later in the day.

I sat by the phone all day, waiting for the call.  Five o'clock p.m. came, and no word from him, so I figured they would call tomorrow.  He called and left a message as I was outside doing chores (wouldn't you know he would call as soon as I got away from my phone), and said that he spoke with Dr. York, and they are recommending chemo before any surgery.

That is all we know right now.  I will try and call the surgeon again tomorrow, just to get more details before Tuesday.  The waiting is horrible.

Daddy isn't doing well right now; he is weak and tired.  I'm hoping somehow that he can build up some strength.

Please keep our family in your thoughts.

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