Thursday, July 26, 2012

Today's Doctor Visit

The doctor's appointment today went well. Daddy will start 6 cycles of chemotherapy on August 7th. He will have a port installed and an infusion every 2 weeks.

The doctors are optimistic that if the chemo works to shrink the tumor (which is now the size of a softball and wrapped around his colon), then surgery can be done to remove it. Now we just need to get him through the treatments and hope the side effects are manageable for him; then prepare for surgery. 

I'm really impressed with Piedmont Hospital. Everyone there has been so considerate, caring, resourceful, and helpful. 

Daddy continues to need as much support as he can get. There are two fundraisers in the works for him; a benefit bike ride August the 18th at the VFW, and a concert there on October the 6th. You can visit my blog if you'd like to donate any amount that will go towards his care, or donate at any United Bank. We appreciate the support so very, very much!

Thanks to everyone, love you all!

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